“Grouch Bag” Has Become “The Comedy Keeper”

The self-publishing tools that are available to authors these days are awesomely cool and powerful. I’ve been utilizing them lately because I wanted to give a fresh start and look to my story about Josh Markowitz, the class clown who gets sent back in time to meet the youthful Marx Brothers.



It only took about three weeks but now my book called GROUCH BAG has been transformed into the brand-new book and eBook, THE COMEDY KEEPER.

How did this miracle happen? First I called my friend and graphic designer, Andrea LaRue, and asked her to create a new, more kid-friendly cover that would really talk to kids in the 10-15 year old age group who will love Josh’s story. The cheerful dog with Groucho Glasses exactly conveys the humor and fun of this book.

Then I went on a couple of self-publishing platforms that I’ve never tried before, and in fact weren’t even available to authors five or ten years ago. The first is called IngramSpark, which allows you to create books that are printed on demand and made available to every single bookstore and library in the country, if not the whole world. When someone orders THE COMEDY KEEPER from them, they instantly print it and send it out, collect payment and then pay my share directly to me. They even do eBooks.

Then I went to another new site called Pronoun that does the same service, but only for eBooks, offering it to different eBook retailers than IngramSpark. Thanks to them, you will soon be able to find THE COMEDY KEEPER on Amazon’s Kindle list and Google’s e-reader titles.

Because it’s the exact same story, I had to retire GROUCH BAG, so it’s now kind of a collector’s item that is only available from used book sellers. Or from me, of course. I still have a box of them that I could sell directly to readers who love the Marx Brothers reference on the cover.

Same story in a different cover and with new distributors. And a whole new technology to deliver it to readers. Progress!

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